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At the weighing of containers and silos StrainCell plays already a key role today. In addition to this many modern techniqueal requirements provide perfect opportunities for more uses of the sensor. Its mechanical structure and consequent accuracy gives engineers a lot of space for new constructional ideas.

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is it the best?

In one of our last projects StrainCell made an advantage again: it happened a lot of times in the past that our values have been much better than the measurements using Radar! This time we checked the cement silo of a big company ...
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From left to right: Hans-Jürgen Prohl (Boardmember of SSI), Gerhard Middendorf (CEO of SSE), Sesh Velamoor (Boardmember of SSI)

StrainCell - international!

Gerhard Middendorf is receiving the contract in Seattle, USA. Following his success in Europe Mr. Middendorf was able to take on the worldwide distribution and manufacturing of StrainCell.

Salt silo - it works!

The winter has shown: StrainCell has approved at weighing of salt silos too!

The commune Meppen in the national association 'Niedersachsen' has addressed the difficulty of an inaccurate measurement with strain gauges.
You can perceive our application report here!

← our service vehicle during the installation …

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Product innovation StrainCell

Our StrainCell is introduced at the renowned ‚bulk web portal' below the sector ‚Product news‘.
We are glad about that entry and the growing interest to our StrainCell.

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New Homepage

Strain Systems has managed the bounce to the world-wide-web. We are proud of our brand-new presence in the internet and hope, that you will get all answers to your questions and receive information around our StrainCell. Enjoy your click through the page.

Deaconry Michaelshoven

As independent, diaconal society the organization doesn’t obtains church taxes.! For evermore important and reasonable offers, which were beyond the scope of the provision with basic supplies, it doesn’t receives public grants. To these belong therapeutic riding for human with disabilities or dance projects for dementia patients.

Therefore the deaconry needs donations desperately. Strain Systems provides the foundation ‚einfach heilen‘ and is glad to afford a contribution for people in misery.

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Alternative Systeme

An alternative to the StrainCell is the load cell by › Middendorf.. If you plan and build new silo facilities, load cells can be integrated directly. It is then not needed to upgrade your facility with the StrainCell.

Middendorf is specialised in the installation and servicing of complex systems and will solve every possible occurring challenge in heat- and level measurements.

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