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Silo plus Straincell gleich Füllstand

Where old silos or inaccurate distance gauge are no longer sufficient, StrainCell can be retrofitted easily.

Strain Systems provide a simple elegant solution of existing steel silos or other containers. They are particularly effective where level gages, radar, ultrasonics, microwave or laser have proven to be ineffective and unsatisfactory.
Strain Systems solutions are installed and deliver instantaneous results without interruption of production and irrespective of the nature of the ingredients in the containers and silos.

Storeage Silos

Additional Highlight:
Our software SiloVIEW. The graphic displays provide additional valuable information. The top view facilitates a quick view of each silo. The side views provide valuable process information specific to each silo that can then be used for further analysis based on history for forecasting, inventory control etc.


And the best of all: All of your further silos with the existing measurement can also become integrated in SiloVIEW easily.