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Silo plus Straincell gleich Füllstand

Strain Systems is a new enterprise.
Young on years, but rich in experience!

› Walter Kistler (95) concerned with measurement and sensors for more than 60 years. He founded various companies, in which he could introduce his experiences and could patented their developments.
On that basis of his knowledge and in combination with the 25 years experience in level measurement Gerhard Middendorf founder the company Strain Systems Europe GmbH.

StrainCell, which was evolved and patented by Walter Kistler, is the consequent continuation of that technique as highlight of his lifework. Many preceding models are based on his researches. From these experiences StrainCell came into existence.

The philosophy 'Turning silos to scales' is our incentive, realizing unbelieving measurement tasks with the entire satisfaction of our clients. Where other provides expansive and elaborate solutions, we can supply intelligent alternatives.

Without overacting we can submit that our technologies are in the lead world-wide in essential components. Therefore we could equip and take in function the greatest active silo of the world. With our software we can manage the entries and exits, display these in fill level graphs and administrate stocks. Through our intelligent sensors and an innovative software we can reach high measurement accuracies and cut the costs to our clients substantial.

This predicate were conferred to us by many clients. Also our long reference list can prove that fact.

We look forward to your challenge!


Yours Gerhard Middendorf

Gerhard middendorf