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StrainCell für Industrieanlagen

Illustration at right:
StrainCell measures the structural change of the steel with load or relief and transforms those to a mV signal. That mV signal is converted of our evaluation electronic and is displayed as a weight increase or a weight loss.

StrainCell as load sensor!

Our StrainCell with the patented StrainCell technology offers a complete solution for various applications. Whether to weighing or level measurement of your silo or as loading guidance for grit, cement or asphalt mixing plants, StrainCell offers the most exact measurement of its kind. Through a measurement accuracy of 1-3% or more, StrainCell is the perfect alternative to expensive load cell technologies and their mechanic. The intelligent electronic continuously reads the signals of the measuring cell and displays the result as weight directly.


Straincell und Display

The error rate of StrainCell in comparison to other sensors

Sensor Output % Error (drift) with Ambient Temperature

Vergleichende Fehlergrafik




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