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Silo plus Straincell gleich Füllstand

StrainCell becomes an important role, not only with weighing of containers

The sensibility and the mechanic functional structure of the StrainCell composes the accuracy of the sensor. That it’s outclassing to conventional sensor were proved by many applications in the works by customers. It contains vast potential to many industrial requirements in measurement.

For example with that the appealing wind power can be established at rotor blades of wind turbines about its diffraction.

Pictures by LoKiLeCh, Dirk Goldhahn, Lukas Riebling // among creative commons

Also in the range of street- and bridge building StrainCell detects its application. StrainCell can display whether the underlying deformation in the steel construction is still within the standard or already critically.


The more precisely measurement results, the finer the conclusions which were received. Which forces influence and which do they effect? For example the information about weariness or relaxation of a material relating to preservation or reconstruction of a building or load-bearing component are absolutely necessity.

Wastage, charges and deformation could be established easily - an accurate quality check becomes possible.